Energy ConversationRecyclingInvoices & Reports

Energy Conversation

  • Motion sensors in almost all restrooms and storage rooms
  • All heating and cooling units have been equipped with timers and temperature lockouts
  • Monitoring all computer equipment is being turned off when not in use
  • High energy efficient T5 light fixtures have been installed in all warehouses and corporate, which are 50% more efficient then traditional ha-light or florescent fixtures


  • Warehouses bale and recycle all cardboard for 3rd party purchase
  • Warehouses bale or containerize and recycle all plastic shrink wraps
  • Warehouses recycle all old and damaged wood pallets; turned into mulch at recycling centers
  • Plastic and aluminum container recycling
  • Paper recycling
  • Recycled paper is used as fill material where necessary. This replaces previous air pillows that were more expensive and petroleum-based. Recycled paper also provides better product conformity inside the shipping carton.
  • Marketing materials are printed with the ‘Please Recycle’ indicia.

Invoices & Reports

  • Reports are being generated in electronic file format rather than being printed and distributed around the offices
  • Invoices are being sent electronically via email rather than printed and mailed